We focus our attention on 5 categories of health and wellness, please move the cursor to a category of choice to  review specific details :

  1. Skin Care Without Botox 
  2. Nutritional Body Health
  3. Natural Beauty With Healthy Makeup 
  4. Weight Management Health Improvements
  5. Natural Hair Treatment

Our principle requirement, that our products contribute to good health and will lead to living a longer healthier life. These are indeed possible by supporting our bodies natural restorative capability.

Who produces these products?

In selecting a Company to do business with, our decision was based on the company’s commitment to consistently provide a proven lineup of Natural product(s) that reflect current state of innovation in health Sciences.

The Company must also be Financially and Management sound and driving innovation to new standards of human health. 

Our choice, an industry leader has leading edge solutions in Natural Nutritional Health and feature unique and unmatched solutions.

The choice for too long has been the longest running company; the problem with this way of thinking is significant innovations in health science are left on the shelf; With too many companies unwilling or unable(financially) to innovate and adapt change, their theory remains “if it isn’t broke do not fix it”.

Where can I buy these products?

Not sold in stores these products are exclusively made available through the company’s online e-commerce platform for all to try and benefit.  

Products are shipped direct to customer addresses in over 145 countries and territories from more than 35 strategically located business support centers around the globe.

There is 30 day money back on your first purchase providing a guarantee of satisfaction.

How soon can I see or feel the benefit?

Not all products react as quickly on one person as they do on another, it is for this reason we suggest a 60-90 day evaluation of the product to best achieve the desired Health improvements.

Are their Buying Options?

Membership is optional has no minimum monthly purchase but has some very significant perks including:

  • Wholesale buyer discounts
  • yearly calendar event specials ie: (Mother’s Day, Black Friday, Christmas, etc)
  • small annual renewal fee

All who choose to become members (small annual fee), will be classified as Wholesale customers and receive the very best price featuring event and seasonal promotions offered by the company.

What Product should I start with?

 Several of our products have the proven potential to provide immediate visual benefits or even provide relief from certain body pain or discomfort situations. We are able to suggest from case histories and personal uses a product or two to evaluate.

The primary principle behind the creation of this site was to identify the actual cellular age of an individual (your own BIO-Marker) determining your existing health condition, We can then measure the need to take a sufficient level of pro-active nutritional health improvements to improve health and longevity.

We are also able to answer the statement!

 “I feel fine now but I want to be sure, I do not believe this will continue if I do nothing”.

 We recommend you proceed with a (non-invasive) Bio-age DNA test available on this site revealing your current personal cellular age generally available within 2 weeks.  This (bi-Marker) will reveal your existing health and longevity status.

 The result of your first test establishes your current Base-line health. You now have the ability to truly test your bodies reaction to any and all supplement you may be taking and its actual  affect on your true cellular age, by taking a follow-up  test you  can measure at interval periods (quarterly, semi or annually) how effective the supplements you are taking are working.



We invite you to review selected category tabs containing information, testimonials and videos explaining the products.

Skin Care

Facial and body Repair, Rejuvenate, Botox without the knife Adding a permanent solution to a younger healthier look Innovative 200+ Human stem cell Growth Factors Choose the Luminesce Skin Care


Defend, Restore, Enhance, Energize, Clarity with cellular Health Introduce a healthy balanced supplement to improve Health: You have choices like no other:Reserve: Defend the body against free radicals.AM & PM: Daytime energy and Nighttime sleep qualityFiniti: The only Natural Anti-Aging cellular regeneration Mind: Improve both memory & cognitive skills


Achieve that professional, airbrushed look without the airbrush.NV: Professional makeup in 2-3 minutes• Water/sweat resistant (swimming) • Foundation Improves cellular skin health • Color match for any skin tone • All skin types oily to dry • Eliminates other products natural contaminationNaara: All natural collagen drink

Weight Management

ZEN Bodi The real solution for serious results • A permanent solution to managing weight fluctuations • Restoring the body’s natural processes • Converting fat to muscle • Project 8 Online real-time diet and support group

Natural Hair Treatment

A luxury at-home hair care system that would just as easily be at home in the world’s most exquisite salons. Infused with Jeunesse exclusive HPT-6™ – a revolutionary polypeptide technology – and botanicals like fenugreek, flaxseed oil and jojoba oil, RVL blends the finest of science and nature.

Young mom loses 90 lbs. with ZEN Project 8

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