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Thank you for visiting our website, we are pleased to see your interest in affecting your ability to influence your health, and live a longer healthier life.

DIY Live Longer

This website will inform the visitor of current natural solutions and expertise that have significantly advanced our ability to live a longer healthier life using natural product solutions. The information and discoveries will relate incredible discoveries that have in fact been associated with Nobel Prize nominations, awards, and certifications. We will share personal stories and testimonials from our community as we grow and expand our developing knowledge.

We will introduce and recommend technologies and solutions that will allow us to live longer, and be much healthier not just waiting for unhealthy conditions to arise. Understand what we can do and then be proactive in accelerating our bodies natural genetic ability to maintain an overall much healthier state much longer.

Our knowledge in Health is increasing at rates never before seen in human evolution. As new discoveries arise our objective is to live healthy longer lives, long enough to take advantage of these new technologies  


Aging realities

Our website www.diylivelonger delves into the reality that as we age we assume all is well, This could be no farther from the truth.  Our bodies and the marvelous mechanism driving it starts breaking down in late 20’s and continues to do so thru 30’s, 40’s and begins to show in 50’s with significant exposure appearing in our 60’s often resulting in chronic life changing conditions.


We will share and present solutions with absolute confirmation that graceful aging with mind and body can be available to all who are serious about being healthier. 

The breakdown in health is not unlike a car if you ignore the regular required maintenance cycles required your will one day be left to face the consequences. 

It is true with a car you are able to replace the broken parts and be back on the road. With your body this is not so, we are getting closer but we may still be years perhaps generations to finding adequate solutions to replacing any body parts that breaks down. 

Traditional medicine in the developed world (the medical community) deals with the issue when it becomes an event often a life-threatening condition, and to often resulting in a condition of dependence on drug related solutions that will stunt the pain and often cause significant organ damage.

Changing realities

Modern science facts, not fiction offer positive alternatives that alter a person’s body state of well being (anti-aging) and in fact my personal experience a late 68-year-old can operate at a mental and health capacity level of 53 year old man in both appearance on the outside and verified DNA tests concluding actual health findings in terms of cellular health on the inside. My results were substantially better than 95 % of the 26-people participating in the test group.

Science Facts

Over 20 years ago scientists discovered something called telomeres. The discovery was so overwhelming that in 2008-9 this group of scientists were awarded the Nobel Prize in medicine for the discovery of telomeres. It is very likely in the not to distant future that telomere testing with we a standard practice with regular annual checkups.  The truest bio marker of good health today is knowing the length of your telomeres.

As a member in the recent test group my telomere length was tested(a non-invasive swab(q-tip) from the tissues on the inside of your mouth) to evaluate my biological (cell) age. I was thrilled with the results indicating my cellular age is as much as 12 years younger than my chronological (calendar) age.

Something even more alarming, the overall test results revealed that more than 76 % of the of group of participants whose ages range from 35 – 82 years of age, had Telomeres that were two short and a few extremely short.

The DNA tests were conducted by one of the largest labs in North America located in Toronto area. The facility has been actively proving DNA cellular analysis for more than 17 years to individual customers and their family members all over the globe.


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