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A great deal of people looking for solutions but are not sure how to start


To support a life changing attitude by mentoring and influencing people who “most assume all is well” practicing a DIY live longer life style.


Sharing and presenting solutions with absolute confirmation that graceful aging of mind and body can be available to all who are serious about living a longer healthier life.

“All that I want to become must be everything I create!”

Improve health & lifespan

To satisfy our primary business objective, Improve the health & lifespan of all members

Our business model is all about health and living longer healthier lives keeping active both in mind and body and having the energy and vitality to truly enjoy future retirement and family engagements.

Understanding of our own personal health for the most part is assumed rather than actually verified.  Sure, I was doing regular checkups, doing blood tests etc. and not experiencing significant negative findings. I assume as many do that the doctor would watch and keep me informed.

This approach to personal health is just not right, let me explain, waiting for something to go wrong and then prescribe drugs to keep the situation under control or from worsening is a death sentence.  The drugs prescribed are keeping big Pharma and many practitioners wealthy and in control of our health.  I believe there is no money in healthy people.

Fact not fiction, says the environmental extremes we subject our body’s to from work place hazards, pesticides and thousands of chemicals in the food and care industry we subject our body’s to can result in the on-set of critical and often times chronic health conditions from many diseases as we age.

It is hard for most to accept and believe, “what you do not feel, is a potential threat”.  When I meet friends and strangers and engage with them, I quite often here:

  • “I eat the right things”,
  • “I spend a good deal of time 80/20 exercising”
  • “I feel great “
  • “I do not need to take supplements”

My answer to the statement raised above, that’s great that you feel good, but studies reveal that the amount of exercise required for optimum health is closer to 20% and the 80% of health improvement is achieved with a healthy use of the proper nutritional supplements, providing the body with exactly what it needs every day, to repair, regenerate and rejuvenate and guard the body from predatory influences.

To reduce the risk, is to understand your current health status measured most accurately by discovering your own bio-marker. We recommend our members take a non-invasive Telomere test to uncover your actual Bio-logical (cellular) age.

Sciences and medical practitioners around the globe confirm the bio-marker is the truest measure of health and longevity for all humans.

Do not let the fear of bad news be a deterrent
to discovering your real health.

The BEST Proof of individual Health and longevity is revealed in testing your telomere length and health

As a team leader, my personal experience after using our selected brand of nutritional supplements for more than 4 years, many team members who attended weekly meetings and presentations continued to approach me and saying” your facial features your looking younger, and your energy, passion and sharpness continues to improve.”

Nothing convinces people more than a certification of your good health

In January of 2017, I decided to join a test group undergoing a telomere Test.

The non-invasive test kit was received in the mail in less than a week with instructions packaging and swabs explaining how to complete the test.

The test is a simple non-invasive (no blood sample required) test. A cotton swab rubbed inside the mouth against both inner cheeks takes less than a minute, the swab is then placed in a return envelope, dropped in the mail and returned to the laboratory.

Approximately 1 week to 10 days later I received an email from the laboratory and was able to view online the results of my test.

I was very pleased with the extremely positive results I received from my Telomere DNA test.  Of the 31 people who participated in the test I ranked in the top 5% with a Telomere test revealing my internal cellular age was actually 12-14 years younger than my Chronological (calendar) age.

Results: and Actions:  Keep doing whatever you are doing

Of even more significance is that more than 72% of those tested 12 men and 14 women varying in ages for 23 to 83 years of age, test results indicated there health was rather poor or very poor in several cases.

What if:

If your telomere test result indicates that your bio-age is say equal to 59 and your actual calendar age is 45 you must begin doing something to correct the problem, by increasing the length and health of your telomeres.

What if:

If your telomere test result indicates that your bio-age is say equal to 59 and your actual calendar age is 59 it is recommended you should be considering doing something to lengthen your telomeres.

Evolution of telomer knowledge:

The discovery of telomeres and their impact on our health and life cycle has been and continues to be studied for more than 25 years. Scientists and physicians from all over the world agree from conclusive analysis that virtually every major disease all come to the same conclusion, short telomeres indicate shortened life cycle.

The discovery of Telomeres was awarded a Nobel prize in medicine to 3 doctors in 2009 for their discovery more than 20 years earlier.

Our Telomere testing facility is a credited Canadian Laboratory that has been performing individual DNA testing for over 19 years with clients around the globe.  A test of a person’s Telomeres reveals the absolute truth about their current health condition. 

The company we use is Wellness Telomeres Diagnostics providing quick access to test results through a secure online website platform our clients can directly access there personal data and personal history of testing.

My personal test results revealed in Our Story section of this website confirmed our primary business objective to improve and extent our members health and life span “Really works”.

The products we at DIY live Longer has selected are produced by a world class leader in Health and Wellness solutions, delivering products to the door steps of clients in over 150 countries.  These products are introduced in more detail by category in the Youth Enhancement product section of our website.

Our second major objective “improve the quality life”

It is our strong opinion that the first objective we discussed about offering a way to improve your health, was a recommendation to take an initial step to evaluate your health by taking a Telomere test to determine your biological health, or stated another way determining your true bi-age, the age of your cells.

A decision to start using some or all these products will have a significant impact on your life. If you take a test today, and then start using the products tomorrow you will have a benchmark to re-test in 6 months and just see how the products have positively affected your Bio-marker age.

Whether you elected to start with a test or not one thing is certain the use of the products presented below will certainly improve your health and putting a smile on your face (reduced wrinkles, etc) and a jump in your step (energy)or significantly improved sleeping and daily energy are sure to also improve your quality of life.

As a team leader, my recommendation of these products as explained in section one above, explains my personal use and out-standing Anti-aging results I achieved because of using these products for more than 4 years.

We address the quality of life improvements by directly representing a world class company. A company with many years of management business experience, and their exclusive product representations are the very best in health innovations and are available to our members at best prices to evaluate and order an exclusive money back guarantee trial of the product.

The company has a private and very active medical advisory board, constantly exploring best in class solutions reflecting the leading edge of scientific advancements in human health

The company has a solid proven infrastructure, is privately owned, financially strong, management in field and corporate demonstrate exceptional care and attention to detail and the customer experience.

Product distribution is globally unique with a single consistent online Global support and distribution platform communicating in multiple languages. This is particularly important with the ability to recommend these unique health improvement solutions to family and friends all over the world.

With this business strategy we can assure our members with:

Improved Health and thereby deliver the basics of improved quality of life.

Become a customer of our exclusive products:

These exclusive products are not available through traditional retail outlets but are purchased through an on-line internet web platform that our members can order these products at wholesale pricing through exclusive special membership pricing.

Our selection of products addresses “Quality Of Life” and features a superior lineup of health conscious products that have proven to SIGNIFICANTLY improve any person’s health. The small unique lineup of products addresses 4 major areas of human health:

With Nobel Prize nominations and awards identified with in the mix of solutions, you can be assured the quality and effectiveness of the products.

Some products will provide a proof statement very quickly, others may take a little more time because of the damage our environment, stress, chemicals and many other realities of life that have adversely affected our internal organs at a cellular level of the body. Some of these situations need a little more time to be regenerate, rejuvenate and renew. Modern science continues to set standards in natural Health care, rest assured a pro-active step towards improved health is available to all.

All products are best in class, and constantly improving and address these four major health needs: 

  • Skin Care (stem cell based natural solutions)
    • Anti-aging skin care line restores youthful vitality

and radiance to your skin, reduces the appearance

of fine lines and wrinkles, and reveals your youthful glow.

  • Beauty “the only” natural makeup product that is healthy for your skin
    • Formulated with a special proprietary Stem cell solution
    • Makeup that is guaranteed to be Water proof
    • Compatible to all skin types and shades
    • Contaminant free from first to last use
  • Nutritional health “Anti-aging” solutions significantly beyond all others
    •  (Nobel prize)
    • Stem cell technologies
    • Nutrigenetic Health Solutions
  • Weight Management converting fat into muscle
    • Enhance and Balance
    • Eliminate the loose gain loose cycle
    • Eating what the body needs (recipes and on-line team workouts)
    • Balance 3 meals

The Anti-Aging company and products we have chosen to represent has everything and more that we described above. With hundreds of thousands of customers and distributors operating in over 150 countries and territories around the world, in multiple languages, with more than 40 world-wide distribution centers strategically placed to maximize the customer and distributor experiences.

The company today is a Billion Dollar brand and has established the highest standards for excellence in all aspects of business, from operations and technology to marketing and communications.  Their dedication and commitment to quality and excellence in unmatched and has been recognized by both the health and care industry and fortune 500 companies throughout the Globe.

The company has demonstrated Industry record growth, the first company in it’s business sector in history to achieve more than a Billion USD $ in sales in its sixth year and continued to repeat this mark the following two years and is well on the way to doing the same again in 2018. We are very comfortable recommending this company and providing our members a chance to test the best.

To satisfy our 3rd business objective, “An option to Build a retirement residual income”

Starting something new is a healthy thing, keeping the mind engaged is as important as the need to keep physically active, along with consuming the correct foods and supplements that keep you body and mind young and active.

 We have refined the best way to implement an income generating opportunity leading into retirement and beyond. Our focus is to identify an opportunity based on something that has been “proven to you” and or “by you” to do or provide a specific value addition to your life.

When you believe in your heart and soul that the products you are using is a good thing, or a great thing, is to then develop a strategy to introduce this belief you have to persons “you can influence” (qualified) who need your solution.

 To then share that idea with someone else is a process (a system) if properly executed has a good chance of being tried/shared by others.

Now let’s focus on the Health Care products identified by diylivelonger.com.

The potential of these products to significantly extend and improve a person’s life can be shared with friends, family, associates and new (qualified) acquaintances as you “understand and become familiar using a standard system of techniques and tools” to maximize your chances of having the new individual to try the product.

  • Personal reconnecting or new Introductions
  • Engaging
  • Communication
  • Identifying
  • Verifying
  • Trying
  • Customer or Partner (both are critical to your success)

 Educating yourself on the use of social media tools and services can be a great source for identifying people who have a similar interest about improving their health and or looking for an opportunity to change their lives.

Having and open mind to be teachable is the first step to accepting change.  You may have tried network marketing in the past and failed, most likely because the company or the organization you joined was ill equipped to lay out a personal plan for our success.

My personal experiences with our choice of networking company has been a great experience and one that I have earned a consistent income that is substantially higher than the average, I have won trips and visited parts of the world I had never thought I would see, now I want to see more but with my business partners. One such trip was an 8-day Mediterranean cruise fully paid.

In 2014 with over 4300 people winning this trip.

 Yes, there are members in my immediate network who achieved incredible income, and their success is certainly associated with the tightness of the group and the ambitions of team participation.

I am now ready with a support system(diylivelonger.com), to take my business and by definition the businesses of my new members to a place of active participation and commitment sufficient to deliver a consistent growth taking this solution/message to all interested parties.

Make new friends, engage, educate and grow will be based on a nucleus of individuals/partners as committed as we are to build a successful residual income.

 Most often my past success in having someone buy my product or service was when I was certain they had a need (question, listen, verify) that my product or service would provide an excellent solution to their need, AND most important they understood (this would solve their need).

 “Most important is not to presume they have a need and this product will be great for them because it can significantly improve their health and life. 

 People want to decide for themselves, you need to determine their problems/issues our products or services can provide and determine the person’s desire to solve the problem.  It’s like planting a seed (a thought) and watering the thought you have planted.

My personal business background has been in a capacity of technical programming services, to a customer service support capacity with IBM Canada moving to sales support and ultimate salesperson across the IT industry for many years.

 I have been trained and held many sales and sales management positions, presenting business solutions and products to both the fortune 500 companies across North America and later spent 20 years providing essential business saving accounting services to small to medium businesses. My success garnered many rewards over the years providing good memories depending on the size of the engagement.


An early engagement resulted in a very nice commission that afforded the luxury of having a “burn the mortgage party”.

Suffice to say that selling is not something that many do not like to do or hate to do may be closer to the feeling of considering it viable for them.  However, as many approach the retirement years the options for continuing to earn an income are few and far between.  

Here is another certainty when you had a great experience in the past, Read a great book, had a great meal at a restaurant, watched a great movie, discovered something new…..your desire to share the experience with others was very easy to strike up a conversation, that is really what Network marketing is all about, sharing something that you absolutely believe in.  The difference is you are not selling just sharing with conviction. Influencing others to do the same, some will some will later.  Just make sure their experience is all that it can be, and they will be customers for ever, others will become partners with ambitions just like you.

An article recently published in Harvard business review identified Network Marketing as the very best income opportunity for retirees looking to stay actively involved in business with an opportunity to earn an income. 

Keeping the “mind engaged” learning new things (smart phone, internet, social connections etc.)  as we age, is every bit as important as being “physical activity” in keeping the bodies physical health.

Many such articles continue to represent the Network marketing business model to be ideal for many people as they approach retirement.  A great thing about network marketing allows for a smooth transition for newbies and season professionals who need to reacquaint themselves can do so on a part-time basis and develop skills and understanding to a level of personal satisfaction.

 Diylivelonger and its partner companies provide direct access to a series of training, educational and sales training meetings and presentations that identify the most successful approaches.

 The introduction of a system establishes a common practice or procedure to maximize an experience.

 Building a network marketing business centers around the principle of recruiting like minded people who have the same goals and objectives, as a leader we train leaders who train leaders etc. Ultimately, we have all members active and growing together.

We all start as a distributor and progress through the ranks of achievement. Our success is measured in our ability to identify, connect and recruit like-minded people. 


Success leaves clues:

  1. As a distributor you will be afforded a complete and full set of tools to assist in the development of your very own distribution business center. You are part of a global business and able to attract and introduce other people from over 150 countriesto our exciting products and business opportunity.
  1. Business and personal leadership training supports your team building efforts.
  1. Our chosen company has paid out more than ½ a billion dollars in Distributor commissions in each of the last three years and is the acknowledged leader in the health and wellness business space.
  1. The compensation plan is the finest in the industry and has an unlimited income earning potential.You will share in the efforts of everyone you bring into the business and anyone they bring into the business going down to infinity.  Annual Bonus trips can be won at various building levels of bonus winnings.
  1. Online training and support tools are available to you at no cost.
  1. Weekly seminars, webinars and team training activities are always running.
  1. Seamless & interactive interface to most if not all of your social platforms

We train, practice, teach and coach our team members

We are all leaders at varying stages of experience and development.

Customers:  (health driven individuals)

If it is improved Health, you will be able to buy the finest health care products available anywhere on the planet at wholesale prices and enjoy the benefits of all these products for as long as you like. You will have the opportunity to try new leading edge products not available anywhere else.

Your privacy and actions are in your control, you will be able to log into your website to review and examine different product solutions and pick items you wish to purchase and have shipped directly to your door.

Should you decide in the future to share the success you have had with your use of the products and or services with friends no problem your sponsor can assist and facilitate your request.

To your Health, Wealth and longevity,

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